TeTe & Espresso Podcast Ep 006 – Gratitude Week – Friday Funday – Goal Achievement – A CastBox Original

TeTe & Espresso Podcast

Good morning..Welcome to TeTe & Espresso, I’m TeTe, its Friday Funday here!..Lets talk 1 minute about life & take a 1 minute morning espresso shot of high energy affirmations. This weeks theme is gratitude. Today’s topic, Goal Achievement through Gratitude.

Let’s get down! And show you how you can take action to achieve your goals…What do you want most in life? Make a list of your top 3 desires, selecting one at a time, and showering that area of your life with silent, and out loud, gratitude lists…If your goal was to get more healthy, and lose 50 pounds, be grateful that you get to buy all new cloths. Be grateful that you had your last cheat meal last night, and how good it tasted mmmhmmmm!!! Because it allowed you to focus on this weeks healthy meals.  Be grateful for all areas surrounding your goal, and your progress will amplify as each day is finished.

Be grateful for all the things you did right today. List them out. “I drank a gallon of water, fresh veggie juice for breakfast, I took a walk around the block after dinner, and I watched a youtube video on a healthy new, easy to cook meal. I even laughed hard, which is as good as a 20 minute walk around the block for my abs…Do this in all areas surrounding your 3 goals.” … Ugh I believe in you so much! Here are some espresso affirmations to lock in that belief and send you on your merry grateful day.

You shower yourself with gratitude in all areas surrounding my clear goal! 

You love to think of areas surrounding your goals! You are so brilliant, this is easy for you. You can walk and think of gratitude lists. it’s so easy, It’s fun for you!

“Hi, what’s your name?” – Person

“They call me gratitude” – Gratitude (deep sexy voice)

“What’s good about you?” – Person

“I make all your dreams come true baby” – Gratitude

“You sound like a dream come true” – Person

“Yes baby remember, I make all your dreams come true” – Gratitude

“You can put me to the test, every time, in every situation ” – Gratitude

“And I am grateful,  I am grateful for youuuuu”

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