Pictures from the Mexico Orphanage Trips!

4 years ago I first entered the land south of the border called Mexico. The thrill being in the exciting bustle, and amongst the change in environment, are 3 homes with 60 kids in each home, and all of the kids do not have any parents or adults (From their won family) to take care of them. What a charge/boost to the soul to make a change, even after the first visit.

All of this inspiration led me to day dream on and on, about how to help the kids. And this Podcast was born out of the idea of how to help these kids…Which was to build surround sound for their homes, playing “Good morning” and “good night” messages, programming their brains for “Success,” and more importantly, that they are loved. Which they are. They are immensely important to me.

Here are a few pictures form the first few trips I attend, mixed in with a few recent favorites…Believe you, me, and Buddha…there are plenty more picture and posts to come about the kids.



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