TeTe & Espresso Podcast Ep 003 – Self Belief Week – Friday Funday – Small Wins Stack Up – A CastBox Original

TeTe & Espresso Podcast

Good morning…Welcome to TeTe & Espresso, I’m TeTe..Lets talk 1 minute about life & take a 1 minute morning energy shot of high energy espresso affirmations. This weeks theme is self belief, today’s topic, Small wins stack up.

After you take action on small opportunities, notice when you did! Call it out and be proud of yourself.  And you see that there was no negative feedback from making the choice towards what you want. You find that everyone around you is more satisfied now that you took action..And that will feel good!..Build on those actions with the age old momentum.

Self belief can be trained through the stacking up of wins that you can constantly look at… Who could tell you that you are not building your fortune when you have 37 silver coins in front of you? Just like you could not convince yourself that you are not improving on your self belief ..when you can look at your 37 wins at the end of month, and you’ll see you are winning and have won. … Lets lock in you being a winner though small wins through a shot of energy espresso  shall we?

1 win 2 win 3 win again, and again!

every win that happens you, I,   We, enter heaven. 

4 win 5 win 6 win again and again!

momentum starts building cuz who?, you, win win!

Everytime I think of you winning my mind startes spinnin of how happy you are, my face keeps grinnin. Finishin your gaol is the thing im invisionin and how the rest of your life you’d be spendin..so keep up noticin those small wins take a few on the chin, you are heading in one direction…

(Sing) Self belief me Self belief is you, I believe in me and that why…… I Believe in you (Sing)

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