TeTe & Espresso Podcast Ep 002 – Self Belief Week – Wednesday – All you want – A CastBox Original

TeTe & Espresso Podcast

Good morning…Welcome to TeTe & Espresso, I’m TeTe….Lets talk 1 minute about life & take a 1 minute morning energy shot of high energy affirmations. This weeks theme is self belief, Today’s topic, having all we want.

Everything we want in life is already available to us. Every education needed to achieve our dreams, every dream life we want already has an outline for what to do to accomplish it. You can google it in 5 seconds and download in 2 seconds.. A direct line, or path, to your goal, and many many life desires that would make you happy are already here waiting for you. All that is missing is you believing in your self enough, to build your value.  So you know you deserve the happiness that comes along with registering for the training course needed for your dream job. Or to reach out to the person we have a crush on, and ask them to hang out. You deserve that gitty fun feeling..All of this happiness is here waiting for you now…. So let’s lock in some power espresso affirmations so you go after what you want in life today.

I am ready to act on my dreams, I love my dreams!

Everything I want is here now! I act now!

You are ready to act on your dreams, You love your dreams, Everything you want is here now. you act now!

Think of all the areas you desire, you deserve all of them! money, love, romance, adventure, variety, happiness, health, laughter, attention, information, attraction..all of it.. you deserve all of it.. Say yes to all of it.  You have the courage to take the small steps, I believe in you, so so so much.  It’s yours!!.. Make the choice that you want everything..And you want everything now!

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