TeTe & Espresso Podcast Ep 008 – Fear Week – Wednesday – Growling at Fear – A CastBox Original

TeTe & Espresso Podcast

Growl …. Good Morning welcome to TeTe & Espresso, I’m TeTe. Let’s talk 1 minute about life, and take a 1 minute morning espresso shot of high energy affirmations. This weeks theme is Fear, today’s topic, growling at fear.

Seeing a bear in nature when you are alone is a real trip. Allll your senses are heightened and that 400 pound furry stalker won’t leave you mind … Now think of not wanting to pick up the phone and call someone you know you should, but have not because of the general fear of having to convo. (Laugh) these are not the same dangers of fear buuuuut we must acknowledge that our fear is relevant to our surroundings. So avoiding that call for 2 weeks creates an enormous amount of stress for the body, probably equal or more to the bear…buuuut its not as easily defined as the bear.. ggggrrrowl… My brothers and sisters, our sweet mind is trying to protect us from hurt and pain..But the hurt we feel is one we experienced form the past, and we are relating it to this current feeling of fear. Cut the lineage of fear..recognize this fear for new, and you’ll see, it’s as simple as picking up the phone and pressing send…Let’s get some courage from some “Espresso” affirmations!! 

You are safe! All feelings from the past are in the past

I choose to look at every new fear as new

You learn from the past to be better at dealing with the now

Past learning from fear only makes US better the next time

You love to learn from the past, and every time you face it with courage

I believe in you so much, I know you can do it, we have examples all around us, keep pushing through and pushing on!!

Adding a gust of courage to your chest can act as your confidence in the face of fear..So in honor of our brother the black bear, let’s give a confident Growl…Ready? Grrrrrooooowwwlll 

When you feel that hesitation of Fear, get that mental image of your growling, gggrgrrrrrrowl, and you can think, “What is this call compared to staring in the creepy, hungry for human, light brown eyes of a bear with no one around you to pick up the phone and help…. now gggrrrrrowl

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