TeTe & Espresso Podcast Ep 009 – Fear Week – Friday Funday – Confronting the pain – A CastBox Original

TeTe & Espresso Podcast


Good Morning…Welcome to TeTe & Espresso, I’m TeTe. Let’s talk 1 minute about life, and take a 1 minute high energy espresso shot of affirmations. This weeks theme is Fear, today’s topic, confronting the pain.

The secret is out, extra extra read all about it! Our fear comes from either what people have warned us to be fearful of, or from events in our past that hurt us, and we don’t want to experience that kind of pain again. And wow, there are so many areas of life we have been hurt in, that can create a real overlaying cloud of pain, and protection from pain in your life. Come on, who here has not been hurt in a relationship, burned their hand on the frying pan, seen a air plain crash on TV, watched shark week for God sake, been made fun of for our physical appearances, had insufficient funds to cover a bill in your account, close person to you has died, and..most of us know what it’s like to live a life we don’t want, and to fear of living a similar way in the future…or fear of living that way in the now. Let’s stand up to that bully fear, with some espresso affirmations!

You are capable of handling any situation. every time. I believe in you, therefor you believe in yourself. Fear is just a signal to apply the learning lesson from your past pain, and make that adjustment in this new opportunity, and deliver that lesson in the most peaceful loving way you can. Confronting your fear is easy for you, so much easier than you would have thought. Every time, apply that lesson you see, it gets easier and easier, simply keep going!

(Latin lover) 

Jeeesssss we have all experienced the pain in the life jjjeeeess Que deule mi corazon! But theeese is a good thing. It means we are alive, and filled with passion. And jjjew know I Love de passion. Every time jjjew confront de fear it means you filled with life. And the chance to live life more fully. so please live de life with me and tell de pain, you have chosen a new love, one filled with courageee, a perfect thing is called love. 

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