TeTe & Espresso Podcast Ep 010 – Taking Action Week – Monday – The Process – A CastBox Original

TeTe & Espresso Podcast

Welcome to TeTe & Espresso, I’m TeTe. Let’s talk 1 minute about life and take a 1 minute morning shot of espresso affirmations. This week’s theme in taking action. Today’s topic, the process.

Human beings have a 5 second attention span compared to 14 seconds of a gold fish. That means that once a thought enters our mind, to take action, we have 5 seconds to get off our nice butts and take action, or we will save it for another time, down the road, later, soon, tomorrow, but not now. Aaaaand, we have the power to change what we want, right now, in this moment….. The first step has been written about for thousands of years in philosophy. That the most difficult step is the first step, and I like to think the most difficult step is mentally preparing yourself to take the first step. we must program out brains to think, “I take action now, I love takin action now.” To be prepared for the first step…Let’s lock in that taking action with some power espresso affirmations!

You luuuuuv taking action. Taking action when opportunities arise makes you feel good. You love to feel good, and that’s why you love taking action

action action action, lights camera action! I hear the word action, and my body want to start moving. I love taking action! Yes! I am ready, now, right now, to take action. I want to take action now.

(Echo layers)

action, action, I take action, action, take action now  

To receive a video from youtube that’ll cause you to take action, send an email to tete@teteespresoo.com and put “Action” in the subject line.

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