Orphanage Water Fight!! .. Kids want and need fun!! Listen to her laugh! Jajaja (Lol)

How great is it that we have 300 water balloons that we sneak around the corner and start filling up when the kids are eating lunch.? We even bought this awesome spout that can blow up 25 or so at a time! And we go through all of the the water balloons, so that speed fill is crucial before the ninos (kids) catch wind of what we are doing, and the shark feeding frenzy circle starts to form around the bucket holding all of the balloons. I have the sit on it and be the controller of passing out balloons, or the would be gone in 1 minute.


Seeing a hearing all of the laughs leaves the impression on the mind, that these children will remember this joy for the rest of their lives. Just like we did…Now they have it..Awe… They deserve it as much as we did.


This video was taken last year, and fortunately it is water balloon season again!! And I will share the next footage with you also..


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