Responsibility – Friday – Freak Nasty Ben Franklin – 018


Lighting struck my key! … Welcome to TeTe & Espresso, a CastBox original, I’m TeTe. Let’s talk 1 minute about life, and take a 1 minute morning espresso affirmation shot. This week’s theme is responsibility. Today’s topic, that “Freak nasty Ben Franklin.”

That freak nasty for-father of ours, Benjamin Franklin said, “I never knew a man that was good at making excuses, that was good at doing anything else.” …It’s amazing the shift in your life when you take full responsibility..Try this for me and notice something… When something has gone wrong, and someone confronts you about it say, “Yes, I want to take full responsibility for that, I am sorry, how can I make it better? I take full responsibility?” Please please please tell me feedback how it goes. Watch,  you would have never had a lighter punishment in your life..all by accepting responsibility.

Let’s TeTe Espresso it up! Let’s rock your day!

Excuses no more, no more? no more!

Responsibility some more, some more? some more!

take a bite of this responsibility smore, and taste the sweet gewy flavor of life, what is there to punish which has already been forgiven? Livin with the truth that no one has always hit the bulls eye, and I pull back the arrow, shoot again, let it fly, so what if I, tell a guy, excuses bye bye, looking at yourself never turn a blind eye. Responsibility I know you can do, everything is possible for we, me, and you. Release your punishment sentence, learn from an old white guy who wrote the declaration of independence. And you are his freedom and liberty descendants, so do the one thing that makes sense…Take responsibility you fellow human being of mine, that’s my equal. I can do it because you can do it.

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