My Orphanage Dream – Friday – What’s Your Giving Dream – 020


What guitar chord do you like? …. Welcome to TeTe & Espresso, a CastBox original, I’m TeTe. Let’s talk 1 minute about giving back, and do 1 minute of Espresso shot of a lot of possible ways to give back.

G Major is the chord what I call my orphanage work in Mexico, its a open and bright sounding ring, it’s an obvious happy. But what is your chord? If you slide  down another 2 guitar frets you have an A major, which could be cleaning up the ocean, orrr 3 frets down from that is the beloved C chord, and that could be helping the returning soldiers from war receive a super affectionate pit-bull, to ground them to this present moment. So heroes can live in peace, instead of dying in peace (power pause) … There are even minor chords that sounds dark and mysterious like the shadow society likes to cast over them, like child abduction, the the mass raping of women going on of women around the world, or even the suppression of women’s rights. So weather you prefer the warm feeling of doing the happy giving back, or the fulfillment of going to dark places and being the shinning light. Simply play your chord. If you did, if I do, if we play our own special chords. The world will reach its maximum potential of a perfect world. So as I list out all of these possible areas to give back, allow yourself to take an idea and build off of it so it customizes your life. Believe me, picking up 10 pieces of trash every day adds actually adds up to 3,650 pieces of trash, which could clean up your entire neighborhood…Well most neighborhoods.

Here are some of the abundant ways to give back: helping autistic adults find jobs, driving the elderly to dialysis, animal rescue, suicide prevention hotline, dog adoption, cleaning up the ocean, offering haircuts to the homeless, helping single battered mothers find their feet, big brother and big sister programs, building schools for impoverished communities, giving holiday meals to needing families. give $1 every time you order food for pick up, tell 1 joke a day, clean the beach, adopt a child, foster a child, empower and educate women, educate and train prisoners, healthy food for kids campaign, coaching a kids sports team, donating your time to entertain kids with cancer at the children’s hospital, and helping me program children’s brains for success through surround sound, with these messages playing, in their home. Play your chord, I believe in you so much,

Let me know what knid of giving back you would like to do by leaving a comment. I’ll support you.

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