Romantic Relationships – Wednesday – Keeping the Fire – 022

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Shho tell me pussy… Welcome to TeTe & Espresso, a Castbox Original, I’m TeTe. Let’s talk one minute about life and take a 1 minute espresso shot to start your day. This week’s theme is romantic relationships. Today’s topic, keeping the fire. Pshh, you sschould probably be an adult to listen to this.

  Most of us have been in a long term relationship. And the fire had dwindled at times. We know, it sucks. There are emotional and sexual separations, that must be sparked. That’s why you are in a relationship. (Slap sound) Whshooopewhshooopew wake up, Romantic surprises, and sexual surprises work!! .. Drop those flowers off, write that note, buy that sex toy, give that massage, save for those concert tickets, and listen. Dig for the slightest clue they communicate what they would like, and go over and beyond!! If you are lacking in the bedroom, did you know there are instructional videos out there that can teach you to master what you lack? Isn’t that wild!!! You could watch one of those videos before you get home today, walk in the door, with a pimp limp step, and a tiger look in your eye, and you will have the spark you are looking for… Lay it down tiger, lay it down! …. Let’s lock in your ability to take action today to make your romantic life better!

I have the ability, now, to keep the fire hot in my relationships, You like the warmth, You are creative, I want that excitement. I want to maintain it, and today, I am ready to take inspired action that will surpass my partner. My heart is pumping thinking of what I am going to bring to the bedroom this next session. I am excited to surprise them with something thoughtful. I do both, I do both today and tomorrow!

Sho tell me pusshhy, what your fantasy, and take it form me, a sshex shymbol. Let’s sheee if you really want that asshh. Because I tell you one thing, if your love life is boring…Then invite me over I’ll give you a blasht…Beshides that, Can you be everything you want romantically and ssshexually? Well yeshhh, I’m sshure.

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