Romantic Relationships – Friday – Heartache and Hope – 023

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Damn babe, Ouch …. Welcome to TeTe & Espresso, a Castbox original, I’m TeTe. Let’s talk 1 minute about breakup pain, and take a 1 minute espresso shot about how we keep hope. This week’s theme is Romantic Relationships. Today’s topic, Heartache and Hope.

Check your phone to see if they texted you, stare at it, stare at the wall, what’s the difference? Their all we want. That instant of them having the revelation that they want you fully… is reaching past the distant  horizon, yet hope has never been so close… The belief in them, that they will see all the greatness in them, that you see, will flood their mind’s any second. I have seen the greatness too many times to know she, or he, does not posses it already, I’ll wait at the helm, alone, on a dark and stormy night, with my eyes for you as the only light. And I will hold steadfast against any storm, or creature looking to take my shinning eyes for you off the horizon, because they are your guide back to me my love  . And I will keep shinning in the darkest of nights, so when you are ready, you can look back, and find your way home. 

Sin it, without you. I have hope because faith, faith in the greatness in you. I am pure love for you. I see only the best version of you. I know you can do it. We all have to walk the same path. She makes the hard decisions, He makes the hard decision, we all do, that why I know you can do it. 

(It’s ok TeTe, get choked up) I think about you non-stop…I want to you so bad, I believe in you even when we don’t talk. Make the decision to be happy…. If you make that decision even now….. Everyone deserves a second chance.

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