Who am I – Wednesday – Who are You? – 025

TeTe & Espresso Podcast


Oh my god, tell me about you (Ron Burgandy)…. Welcome to TeTe & Espresso, a CastBox original, I’m TeTe. Let’s talk 1 about..You..and take a 1 minute shot to acknowledge who you are. This weeks theme is, getting to know each other.

Who are you? Well..You are perfect, as is, w hole and complete, with nothing to change. All you have to do is surrender to all the good stuff that you are…Now..Are you are lover, a happy person, have you forgiven your past? Where are you from? And what cultural uniqueness do you hold onto and love? What was your favorite time about childhood? What are your happiest memories? Who are your best friends? Your mentors?..All of these make up who you are..And here was is going to blow your mind..Alllll the GOOD things we just mentioned are you…allll the bad stuff is not you. The best in you exists…You made up the rest.

I choose to be the best of me. I choose to show people the best of me. I am proud of the best of me. By focusing on the best of me, I always give the best of me, and treat myself the best. And I am worthy of the best. Worthy of the best of me at all times. I release all the negative stuff I know exists, and choose to be the best of me….If “You know who,” created all that is good, everything else must then, be a creation of us humans, to cope with the pain, instead of surrendering to the pain and letting it go.  Hi, my name is you, my name is me, my name is we, and I choose the best for all of us.

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