Friends – Wednesday – Beware of Drama Friends – 031

TeTe & Espresso Podcast


Papiiiiii I hate chew, you don’t even love meeeez …Welcome to TeTe & Espresso, a CastBox Original, I’m TeTe. Let’s talk 1 minute about avoiding the friends with drama for yo mama, and give a fun 1 minute espresso shot  hehe …This week’s theme are Friends. Today’s topic, beware of bad friends.

Notice and pay attention to your drama filled, complaining, angry, poor me, aloof, hypochondriac, depressing, “I am too hurt to mend our relationship” type of friends. As you choose to be the best you, and raise your average, these other friends, bow to them, give them a blast of love energy (pashoooow energy sound) and surrender to truth, let them go… and now select the new friends you want…You notice the energy you feel in your stomach and chest when they are around you, don’t you? And sucks for you, because I have faith in you. I know how capable and intelligent you are, and I know you know how they are not serving you..And I know something about you. You know the best kind of friends you would want to have around. You have visualized the life you want, and deeeeeeep down you have seen yourself surrounded by happy people..Notice and be aware now… People who want to suck you into their drama are waiting for you….This is my favorite kind of drama & aloof character interpretation. Do you know a version of her?

Her : “Every tine i try to talk to you, you don’t even listen to me”

Me: “Ok, I’m ready to listen, go ahead.”

Her: “No you hurt me becuz you don’t even love me. I’m not going to tell you anythingz.”

Me: “I do love you.”

Her: “No you don’t, I’m never going for forgive you.”

Me: “uhhhhhhh” (deep voice_

Her: “You see you won’t even apologize to me, because Like, I like chew and chew don’t like me, you don’t even tell me I’m pretty or nothingz. Don’t ever talk to me again, I hate chewzz… But I’n going to text you in 45 minutes to torture you.”

Me: ‘I don’t know what to say.”

Her: “You never know what to say and you think your so diiis and daaat. All you have to say is Ine right…  every tines.”

Luv you Papi… Send your drama friend this podcast ..for the love of Christ. 

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