Friends – Friday – Be Grateful to Them, Today – 032

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I just want to call to say I love you… Welcome to TeTe & Espresso, a CastBox original, I’m TeTe. Let’s talk 1 minute about life, and take a 1 minute espresso shot to start your day. This week’s them are Friends. Today’s topic, be grateful for your current friends.

If you have 1 good friend in life you are lucky. If you consider a family member one of your best friends you are even luckier. If you have 5-10 people who love you, and you love them, we are going to have some fun in this podcast! …Un-happiness & happiness can be described by this… separation equals unhappy …togetherness equals happy…These people make you happy!!! And you them!! Right after this short ass podcast, I want you to text, call, email, whatever, a few of your friends, and let them know how much you appreciate them, or are grateful for them. In the espresso portion of this podcast up next,  I’ll give you idea after idea with what to say. And your job, is to allow yourself to emote, and feel how great it feels to express that emotion to your friends…they are your chosen family. 

Friend: “You mean so much to me.” “I love having you in my life.” “You are such a great addition to my life.” “I am so grateful for you” “What would you like for lunch tomorrow?” “I love you bestie” “You make everyone’s life happier.” “You make me a better person.” “You are so amazing!” “Tell me your biggest win of the day!” “I have something for you.(food, flowers, concert tickets, tequila, a big green pressed vegetable juice mmmmm) “Here are 3 things I like about you.” “Having you as my best friend is one of the most important things in my life. I can trust you. and wow..That’s special……”love you bro.”

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