Law of Attraction – Monday – The Key to Heaven’s Gate – 033

TeTe & Espresso Podcast


“A free trip for you, A free trip for you.” … Welcome to TeTe & Espresso, a CastBox original, I’m TeTe and we are sooo ready for this week’s theme of The Law of Attraction. Today’s topic… Abundance and the Key to Heaven’s gate.

The reason why abundance is so important to the Law of Attraction is because not only are there abundant areas of life to apply it to, but here is the twist…We don’t have abundant recourses on Earth, although we do have an abundant source of solutions to make it abundant. The solutions for all the weight loss, depression, anger are abundantly available to you now!!! It’s your choice to apply the solutions. and yes (spin the record sound wicka wicka) we can flip the script!! ..Everything we have ever wanted…all of it. Yes! mmmmmhmmmm all of it…is available also…right now!

  Give it a little time to play out, and keep asking for signs of your improvement…with that said…. You get to have anything you want!..The body! The healthy stomach! The money, oh the sweet freedom of money, the love you give and receive from and to people! The dream job, the new dog, the philanthropy ideas, the answer to your life’s problem, a freaking hug! healing a past hurt with a loved one, a free trip to Hawaii!! “A free trip for you, a free trip for you, a free trip for all of you.” …All you have to do is ask, and have faith in the abundance..and have faith that your faith in the process is abundant.

To receive a book on The Law of Attraction, send an email to, and put, “Abundance” in the subject line.

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