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(Confident) I…(Nervous) Well I mean there are so many things I want to be, I mean where do I start? Happy, confident, in shape (Cut off by music) …Welcome to TeTe & Espresso, I’m TeTe. This whole podcast is based around affirmations, it’s about time we talked 2 minutes about what they are and how you can use them. Get deeeeep (deep voice) into this week’s theme of affirmations. 

Programming your brain is the name of the game. And you can, you already have. And it’s just as simple as a process to re-wire your brain. Broham, Brahama..Think about that… One simple “I am” statement  repeated 10,000 times, backed by emotion, will cause your body to act, and start forming a new habit. And your body physically desires more of what you declared. If I were you, I’d pick 10 areas you want to improve upon and start your journey to 100,000 self affirming thoughts, written words, and spoken words. Buuuut (looking at my nails) I’m not you sooo whatever you do your thing..(get rage) see if I care) I do I do lol lol lol …How simple and easy is this though? You can do it while driving, walking, while meditating, working out, while you’re on the phone with someone who talks your ear off…or listening to a podcast…Affirmations and a 2-3 minute podcast is a perfect matrimony..Dun dun dun dun (Here comes the bride)…

Let’s be a basic bchhhhhh and give some basic samples of affirmation  statements and areas of your life…I even say “I am worthy” 10-30 times a day.

Let’s start there..I am worthy..I am healthy…I believe in me, I am confident, I am at peace, I forgive myself, I believe in what I think, I love myself, I am calm, I am the person I’v always wanted to be, I love my body, I am waaaay more than my body, My mind is the best part about me, I am amazing, I have a healthy stomach, My body is flexible and strong, I eat healthy amazing foods (heeeyyyy yes you), I am the best me possible.

PS…Here are the 3 P’s as a guide to build your Affirmations: Make them PERSONAL, in the PRESENT TESNE, and POSITIVE.

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