Affirmations – Get jacked/Morning Espresso – Wednesday – 037

TeTe & Espresso Podcast


This podcast was made to have 1/2 of it dedicated to affirmations. That’s why I call it TeTe & “Espresso.”  Just like an espresso shot, it’ will get you jacked, and ready to roll out the door after consuming, so sip up and listen up (emphasize the P)… Guys..I can’t tell you how many times, I’v…look..If I can see my friend is having a low day, oh no, you are not getting away from it. We are going to build up your energy, and go back and forth 10 times and repeat our chosen affirmations. It is hilarious the kind of change that can happen in the human body in less than 1 minute. Give it 2 and wow………every…time. You better be an expert at something to start a podcast. I have done this soooo many times with, success, that I have declared myself an expert on getting your body moving with affirmation. There I said it. (king voice) “I declare thee expert attitude and mental adjuster, of the land.”

How exciting is it that you get to (Trucker voice) get jacked, based around areas of your own life. Feeel the electricity in your veins, Yes! Win Yes yes yes win jacked yes win win yes yes yes 1 win 2 win 3 win 10 wins again and again, yes yes. get jacked yes. Use your own dreams to get jacked! I am worthy yes you are worthy Yes! We are worthy yes! (Jamaica) Feel da rhythm, feel da rhyme, get on up, it’s affirmations time. Cooool runnings!

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