Diversity – You vs Other People – Friday – 041

TeTe & Espresso Podcast


I am not special, and neither are you..Welcome to TeTe & Espresso, a CastBox original, I’m TeTe. This week’s theme is Diversity, and today let’s lock in how you are equal to everyone, and they are equal to you.

There are either 2 things that must true. All of us in the world are special, or all of us in the world are not special. If we say, “Everyone is special,” there is instantly a knowing in our minds that we are not being as special as we could be. In success, health, love, a peaceful mind.. Now chickity chickity check check this.. I like to think that none of us are special. We are all on this planet, flying through space, chasing our sun at 75,000 miles an our, in this process called life..and here is what I found is so brilliant about this position.. When “we” are not special from birth, and we go about our life, we have moments that are considered special. And it’s easy to notice them, feel good about the win, and know it was something beyond our baseline… Let’s cap it off like this…If 1 brick represents doing something special, it is easy to have 20 brinks at the end of the month for small wins, and notice them stacking up. It feels good to watch it grow…If we are born special, we are always thinking about our Empire State building, Sears towers, Burj Khalifa, and staring up to the sky as a reminder of what we don’t have, and how many bricks it would take to get there… We are all on ground zero, and by enjoying stack up each brick, we will naturally build the tallest building WE possibly could.


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