Sex and Sexuality – Your Liberation – Monday – 042

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Ugh and the girl, or boy if you like boys, caressed me down, and that’s that lovin sound…Welcome to TeTe & Espresso, a CastBox original, I’m TeTe. This week’s theme is sex and sexuality. Today’s topic, your liberation.

Male to female trans women, pre-operation, are sooooo sexy to me ( grandpa whistle) .. I wanted to be vulnerable first with you, so I can earn the trust of your inner desire self, with the liberation of your sex and sexuality. Both go hand in hand. Sexuality is the knowing of what you are and want, and the sex is your inner permission to express your desire. Let’s beeee honest, both take work to fully “own” what you want, in a healthy way.. . And most times, it won’t be easy, society can not stomach the conversation, soooo society should take some pepto bismal for that shit. To grow fully, to have a safe place to grow and evolve and be comfortable, well, that’s why we have this community. So…Do you want help knowing what you want, or help expressing what you want… To me, everything you choose is right, and I’m ok with building that side of you up. 

This is my liberation! Freedom to be me. You and I know how important the human touch is us. And I know now, what I want is good for me. And when I am more open about my sexuality and my sexual desires, everyone around me will feel empowered. I am safe! TeTe has my back. He’s 6 “4” 200 lbs … No matter what happens when I try to express myself in life, and people don’t like it, I can turn to TeTe, and he’ll give me a re-assuring smile that I am doing the right thing, and am not alone… I love you my brother and sister. Be yourself fully.

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