Sex and Sexuality – Sex (Adult Version!!! Warning!) – Wednesday – 043

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God invented condoms … Welcome to TeTe & Espresso, a CastBox original, I’m TeTe. Let’s chat 2 minutes about Sex, and makes things right again. 

I am not a virgin, and I am not married…And I prefer a girl who is not a virgin, who is not married… You get so in your head with how people physically look, and I’ll tell you, that a lot of those people are horrible in bed….I even know guys half my height that are packing more heat than meee down there..Get out of your head..You are enough, whole and complete, right now… We all know where the sexual suppression came from  but I don’t have to say (cough religion, cave men days, penis envy).. uhem Now that we acknowledged that… We can be honest… We can all improve on something sexually. It’s ok to do research, which there is a lot of information out there, on how to improve on what you’s ok. If God invented condoms, he definitely wants you to be sexually free, liberated, safe, happy, and satisfied..Here are some areas to improve on.

 How to have healthy sex, how to feel good about it when you do, to get more, to have less so you can focus in life, to lick better, to suck better, how to communicate with your potential 1 night stand better, how to communicate with your current partner on how they could do it better..and of course..How to make her cum first ..Let me repeat that, sorry gay boys, hang with me more a second…How…to..make…her…cum…first. 

(900 voice) Mmmmm if you enjoyed this sensual spiritual release share this podcast with your friend… help them grow…Sexconfidentally 

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