Sex and Sexuality – Sexuality Scale 1 to 2 – Friday – 044

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Mum Mum Mum Mum Mum mUm, wait it’s not a music scale it’s a sexuality scale??? … Welcome to TeTe & Espresso, a CastBox original, I’m TeTe. In this 2 minutes let’s talk about that 100 different levels of sexuality through the scale. what are you? a 1.19?

If 1 represents straight, and 2 represents gay, what are all the number in between? Try being a straight bartender in the #1 Gay bar in the world for 8 years. The array and diversity and displays of sexuality are far more than your mind imagines. That’s where I adopted a scale… Some straight guys hang out with gay friends, hug, hold hands, kiss on the cheek, we men are 1.10 on the scale ..Other straight guys like to kiss men but not do anything else, he might be a 1.19… Other straight guys like to see other men stripped to the waist, they might be a 1.29 …all the way to a true 1.5 bi-sexual male that would kiss, make love to, date, love, marry, have kids with, a man or a woman…That’s why you should give the liberty to a man who does things with another man, or a woman who does things with another women, to call himself or herself straight… Just like the 1.82 gay man deserves to be called Gay after sleeping with a woman….Let’s get to affiiiirrrrming this!

In your mind, call out your number!..Hmmm what am I? In your mind you know the number. Have the confidence to say it in your mind. Say, “I am (that number),” say it proudly because it is directly related to your happiness and dream life. You are worthy of that dream life. I believe in you so much. You are that number! I am my number! And when we each live our number fully, it makes it easier for others to live their’s fully. And then it becomes easier to live ours fully..and then….

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