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Wonder Woman fears nothing..She is a God..You are not..What do you fear my lady? ….. Welcome to TeTe & Espresso, a CastBox original, I’m TeTe. Ladies all my ladies, help me out, loud and proud, come on, all my ladies. Today we will look at 5 fears of women, based on a facebook poll, and research, I just did.

Ps…Being a woman is the furthest for knowing what that life it is truly like. I tried my best with this podcast, please accept this work as an empowerment to women, in my own way.

What group of people have been treated worst than native Americans or Jews? Women..Oh you poor women throughout history..woooweee …But now is a different time. One of equality. Even backed by science and studies, we know now, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that women and men are equal to each other. And the strength, intelligence, and accomplishments of women are surpassing our societal beliefs every day… To know what we fear, is how we act in the face of the fear, and grow. And it’s time my lovelies, it’s time to continue the growth of you, the lady…In no particular order, here is my list for 5 fears of women:

Gaining Weight
Something “bad” happening to her child
Something bad happening to her family/loved ones
Being alone romantically, in the long term
Not being able to support herself

This was tough to compile because of the diversity of women friends I have. Mom’s, single Moms, Australian, Latinas, everything… And yes there were answers of rape, which I thought would be a higher response. Maybe that’s because that was my greatest fear for my sister, Mom, and sweet grandma. And I am happy to hear that women’s fears are becoming based around thriving, and no longer about surviving. Because I, and the free society believe in you. Let’s create the opposite of these fears for you in affirmation form.

say, “I am in the best shape I can be in. I love my body, I love being the healthiest version of myself possible. I respect myself. My family and loved ones are safe, right now, and that makes me happy. My child has the best chance in history to live a long and happy, healthy life. I am grateful for my child’s perfect healthy. Say, “I am worthy of love. The kind fo love I want is on it’s way, all I must do is stay patient. I believe in myself, I know I am worthy. I believe in the romance I visualize!..In this day and age, I have so many jobs available to me. So many careers, trade schools, special license, and abundance to thrive…I know the music is done, let’s go for 20 more seconds because women are worth it. .. Say, I have more success than I have ever experienced. I am enough, and there is enough for me. I am woman. and I believe in me!

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