Women’s Week – A Man’s Thoughts, Dare I? – Friday – 047

TeTe & Espresso Podcast


All them other girls, I done been through em all, you’re the only one I need girl, you’re the baddest of em all…Welcome to TeTe & Espresso, a CastBox original, I’m TeTe. I’ll be gentle, and nourishing my ladies…and  give you a man’s thought..on you.

I’v dated more women than you..probably 99% more than you listening… What are the best traits of women? …  The best  traits to me, are the traits of wanting to grow mentally towards her dreams, and that life she envisions. That takes a process of self forgiveness, vulnerability, perseverance, and more vulnerability. That sexy AF trait of vulnerability allows for the other sexy trait…Direct communication. Instead of saying, “baby would you rather?” She says, “Baby I would rather, can we?” …  And I would rather you tell me, right up front, from the time we exchange numbers, and say we are going to hang out, what you want. 29% of the time we aren’t meant to even go out and be involved with each other based on you, the amazing woman having the sexy AF vulnerable courage to say, “I just ended a loooong relationship, I want safe, fun with your sexy 6 “4” self.” or, “I have been longing for love and a dream life with someone,” or “I like my busy life, and am looking for a constant, mostly monogamous, 2 times a week thing, where we can both get our cuddling and romance fix in, I like my happy full life, but the touch of man sounds amazing, are you up for that?” … It’s not important that I respect you more from being so honest and vulnerable, which I and every other guy will, it’s important for you to know, that you will respect yourself more….What are TeTe’s sexiest traits in a woman? vulnerability and communication..You are enough my love, trust me. You are…Own everything you are, trust ME, what society would call a “Pla-ya,” simply because I have chosen to care for many, with love and respect, So i’ll take societies label as a player so you my lady, can know the expert giving advice to you… The man who is being vulnerable with you, and saying I have slept with many women, some were pure bliss, and other’s I wish I hadn’t, for a variety reason…This openness of a man is here to tell you….You….are….enough.

Thank you ladies for allowing me to give my love, my way. If you found value in this episode, please share it with a friend. Thank you darling. 

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