3 months, 1 on 1 coaching Program: What’s involved?

Have you ever noticed how much you pay for simply a 1 hour call? That’s where I formed a package with the highest value. Here is what the package entails:

  1. 1 hour Call or Skye per week
  2. Daily 30 second to 1 minute personalized affirmations based on your goals.
  3. 3-5 inspirational Meme’s, quotes, and youtube videos per week

After coaching for the last 10 years, I have noticed that these little sprints towards what we want, work. We can commit to 3 month. And since it takes 62 days to form a new habit, I feel confident your life will change, in any area of your life, within that 90 day period.


I have paid $1,000 a month in a 12 month contract for coaching, $500 a month for a 12 month contract of coaching, $300 an hour for coaching, and $60 for 1/2 hour of coaching…I have personally paid for all of these fees, and I know the value after I get off the phone each time, and the overall impact on my life. That’s how I came up with the $1,000 a month for 3 month contract ($250 a week) and GUESS WHAT??? $50 FROM EACH WEEK GOES TO AN ORPHANAGE IN TIJUANA, MEXICO!!


Everything is involved with this coaching, which I have trained for… Goal achievement, healing from the past, affirmations, romantic relationships, meditations, brain programming, sales training, goal planning, being in the now, and living life fully. I know, I know fully, that whatever your aim is with this coaching, your life will look much different in 90 days. Oh yes money back guaranteed type of confidence.


Let’s schedule your free 20 minute call, email me, at TeTe@TeTeEspresso.com, and put “Coaching” in the subject line.


From water fights to pizza, we have lived some fun memories together. To many more my family.

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