Men’s Week – Femininity – Wednesday – 049

TeTe & Espresso Podcast


Being in touch with your feminine side makes you strong, literally….Welcome to TeTe & Espresso. a CastBox original, I’m TeTe. This is Men’s week, and let talk about your feminine side. 

Women live, on average, 7 years longer than men. I’v thought about that statistic a lot since I heard it 10 years. Now it makes sense. Macho men create more stress in their bodies, which literally equates to cellular death, and you kill yourself. I say yourself because, I’v had massages by a man (lowers stress background track), had manicures (lowers stress background track), hugged my male friends for 20 seconds (lowers stress background track), danced to Brittany Spears (lowers stress background track), I do yoga many times a week (lowers stress background track)..and my boys…All of these things women do. Do you see the signs? To live 7 years longer, lower the stress, and welcome the  femininity you masculine man..Yin and Yang. … Let’s let your subconscious mind know what’s going on.

My feminine side is as strong as my masculine side. Feminine means strong. I want to live longer and healthier, that’s why I choose peace, and femininity. I am feminine in all of the right ways. My discomfort with feminine men was a sign to change, to change towards being a person of 100% love. It is about self love. Loving all of you. Un-train your mind to what society said about you expressing your feminine side. That was society. You are a Man, hold your head high and say. “I love all of me.”

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