Orphanage Trip – Mexico – Last Saturday – My Thoughts – Wow

This last trip to the orphanage in Mexico was such a special experience. Every one is I guess, yes it is. I do think that the continued growing love for the individuals in the homes, makes each experience more rich. Similar to counting gold coins that have stacked up. After years you see the value more. Saturday was another few gold coins…


One girl in particular lead the way in making this an amazing trip. The trust and admiration this one little girl gave me, locked in my reason for moving to the border in 7 months to be their mentors. The look in the eye, that they would accept you as their father.


Sitting at the lunch picnic table, with about 12 large table full of children, I was connecting with one of the young boys (7 years old) when we were eating pizza. Directly next to him were the studying eyes of a 5 year old girl, noticing there was a man all of the other children trusted fully. When my pizza was bare of Takis (Spicy red hot chips, which the kids love love love) she took 2 off of her plate and gave them to me. The look in her eye was not one of “I’m happy because I did something good.” It was a smile of, “I accept you now Papa, I will be good to you as my family.”


Reading to kids with no families is some kind of special.

The support from her continued ( I don’t want to say her name in case her relatives go looking for her, and they are not good) 1 minute later when she notice I didn’t have a juice box to sip on. And would you guess it? I didn’t even imply that I wanted one. She ran up, brought me one, and continued eating, simply looking in my eyes because they were there, accepting of a loving gaze. A gaze of a family.


Her and I were one of the last 10 people eating when we left. And she also gave one other volunteers, Sean, a few of those nourishing moments also. Which I gladly want for her. If she has 2,3,4 or 5 positive male role models in her life, the better she will be.


In my whole life, I have never felt so selfless. I bring 6  boxes of goods, and when the group brings them in the homes  I never even mention that it comes form. It doesn’t matter. What matters is they have the love. That is what matters. From who? doesn’t matter..Who gives what? doesn’t matter…Give yourself, and you will be healed as much as the children.


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