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We have launch countdown..5,4,3,2..Welcome to TeTe & Espresso, a CastBox original, I’m TeTe. In your dream life let’s talk about what it takes to launch you there, and give you an espresso shot of energy to start you day.

There are maybe 10 general goals we all aim for as a destination, buuuut there are 1000 different launching pads to launch from. If you are ending a divorce, a platform of a new self identity will help you launch. If you’re starting a new relationship building a platform on direct communication will guide your rocket to your aim. The ability of the teacher is to be comfortable building platforms for you to launch, and to rebuild the confidence of who you were. An amazing pilot…You are already the fully capable rocket. Fueled up and ready to fly. What is your platform you are building from in your life. When we know..Then we can build…and fly… 

Ready to launch to your dreams. You are already the fully loaded rocket, and pilot. Once we building your launch pad. 5,4,3,2….

As an example, let’s used a divorced person..Yes, building a new sense of self, self esteem that they will be more than ok in the world, self confidence  built by new learning for their new goals, new time management, a social life, self forgiveness for the time spent and the errors that were made, teaching the kids what YOU want now, being around more friends, taking responsibility for what you can…All of this must be built into the foundation before the launch..Don’t worry, it takes no time at all once we launch to get to your destination. But if we launch now, we miss our target…Let’s dig deep and build the foundation the right way, so you can launch and land at your paradise. 

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