TeTe & Espresso Podcast – Your Dream Life – Imagination and To-Do Lists – A CastBox Original – Ep 055


(Wonderment) Wowwwww that was a great idea! (Change tones to analytical) Nnnnnow write it down. Welcome to TeTe & Espresso, a CastBox original, I’m TeTe. This week’s theme is your dream life. Today’s topic is utilizing your imagination with the glory of to-do lists. 

Are you surprised to know that you already posses what you need, mentally, for your dream life? It’s true…Your imagination and daydreams, in silent moments, give you the answers to each building step along the way. An universal answer if you will…Capture it! use a sheet of paper or a notebook and start making a list, each time a flash enters your mind. And naturally you might think, “yeah but the list will get long, each item might even take little time.” ..Thats ok. If you scratched one item off every other day. you would get 183 steps further to your dream life…Link the right side of the brain (The feeling and imagination) with the left (analytical brain) ..and you’ll accomplish your dreams with joy.

I write down inspiration right when it comes to me. I am at ease knowing how simple to to-do lists make my manifesting. I ask for an answer, and wait for an answer. An answer comes every time. You use your imagination with joy. Your day dreams give you answers. You write down your “Eureka” moment every time. You love your creative side and analytical side. We love our right brain and left brain. We love our to-to lists. And we love to get those items on the list done. Yes. 

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