Business – Communion, Give More & Receive Gold – TeTe & Espresso Podcast 057 – A CastBox Original


Amigo, you are gong to love this idea I have for your business…Welcome to TeTe & Espresso, a CastBox original, I’m TeTe. This week is business week, and today we will talk about communing with people with the intention of building their business, and you’ll receive your weight in Gold.

 3 times this last week I had brilliant advice and suggestions about my business from 3 different people. The decision to commune and be around other people, leads to thoughts that your mind could not have produced as easily as those other 3 people who’s lives were shaped and formed to give their valuable unique perspective..Here is the kicker. The more you spin your creative genius to help their dreams and goals, without even asking for advice on yours, they will feel free to give you advice without asking. And don’t we all want our loved ones to do the things we want with out asking…Give and you shall receive… here comes some brain programming to lock it in..

I love to be creative with my friend’s dreams! You give, and give, and give, because you love it, and it actually gives you energy. I am the person that loves taking advice. People are inspired by my creative powers. You are ready to receive the answers. Even if I give 10 times, and receive once, that one time carries it’s weight in Gold. We are in communion. There are feelings of elation I did not know existed, and I am ready to experience them now. I help you, it helps me, it helps we. 

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