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If you ask me I say surely…Welcome to TeTe & Espresso, a CastBox original, I’m TeTe. Today let’s look at our parent country, England, and what they have to say…

When I talk doesn’t it sounds so lovely? That’s why it’s so hard for me to listen to Americans talk. It’s not quite as bad as a cat…buuuut anyways. One bit wisdom I can bestow upon you, how us English excel, is through the process of conformity. You can still have plenty of originality by doing things that way. Such as, getting your wanka ass on the right side of the escalator and let the people pass on the left that actually want to use their bi-pedal gifts from our savior. The point of the story is… utilize logic to form the way you build your daily life. And this structure will support all the dreams you would like to accomplish. Do you want everything you’ve ever dreamed of??…Surely. 

Big Ben, London

Anything I can do, you can do better. I conform my life to the truth, the universal knowledge. Wisdom is not yours, in not mine, it’s no even humanity’s, it is just is there. Your talents are far beyond what you know. Honing in on forming habits that are congruent with your success will propel, I do saaaaay, propel to your success..So please, for your own sake, and sake of God… When you are taking the escalator, move and keep you ass on the right, so I can pass…I like to move fast towards my success. 

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