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I do declare, you are the prettiest thing I’v ever seen..Welcome to TeTe & Espresso, a CastBox original, I’m TeTe. I’v been doing accents for this whole week, and we can land on a Southern Gentleman from way back in the day. 

Here’s the funny thing, just because you are cordial and kind, and thoughtful to everyone you meet, does not mean you lose your edge of the bad ass person you are. People think it makes you into a sweet peach tea, in fact, it makes you the best mint julip anyone has ever had. So while you are sippin on yo fine whiskey, remember, being polite,  respectful, and treating others like Gold, will only make you life better. Only better baby… And I the truest of true blue gentleman, and well rounded life of a man, believes in you, and know you can do it my love.

I love life, more than my life. Other’s are the same as me. That’s why I love to treat people right, because it is like I am treating myself right. Oh boy, I sure do love myself, for all the right reasons. it feels so nice, so very very nice to be kind. It’s like wrapping yo 3 year old self in a blanket, ans sitting on the porch, watching the sun rise. That’s the kind of beauty that’s waiting fo ya, when love yourself and others fully. Live…Live life for me.

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