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Booooring…Welcome to TeTe & Espresso, a CastBox original, I’m TeTe… Since life has a dull tone sometimes….Yyyyeah not enough energy to finish the sentence. 

Life is boring, and dull…a canvas that requires much painting to make it beautiful, and worth admiring. That is our answer, right there. To select our exciting life path, and push on to that goal. And guess what? Even if you are on the path, moments will still pop up in boredom, and the solution is not to stop pushing on towards your aim, but to add other are as of life that excite you. Having many excitement pillars to support you, you don’t have to focus on just one of your goals.

I find my fire, my light, in the distance, and I push on towards it. You have several lights in your life that you are drawn to, just like fireflies in a jar, you also can have several lights in your life. Allow yourself to have several lights. We use the power of WE, to help each other find each of our lights,  and encourage others to discover and pursue their lights…Because, I am the light..You are the light…We are the light. We are one with the light, and the light is one with we.

I go to my Mexico orphanage trip this Saturday. To see pictures of this trip, and the last trip, go to and click the orphanage tab.

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