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I love you Ninos …. Welcome to TeTe & Espresso, a CastBox original, I’m TeTe, Let’s talk 1 minute about where I got the idea for this podcast, and do 1 minute sample of what the orphaned children on Mexico will hear, morning and night.

After visiting the orphanages in Tijuana, and forming bonds with these kids, I was pacing my house thinking of ways I could spend time with them, while at the same time living my dream life. Then it hit me! I could install surround sound into the orphanages, and play morning and nightly messages, backed by music, and having weekly themes to program their brains for happiness and success in any area of their lives. Since I had been training for years in music, voice over, and listening and reading every “Tony Robbins” style book and audio, it was the accumulation of every creative genius I could express…and there a better cause? You may have a different cause that’s more important to you, and we’ll talk about that Wednesday..for me…The is the pinnacle of fulfillment and excitement. Knowing that a 6:30am, I know exactly what the kids are experiencing. I can be there mentally, and emotionally and visualize the the way babe… I get that same rush knowing you are listening. After all..The whole idea for this podcast came from the idea to help the kids… That’s why part of every single dollar I earn from this podcast is going back to the kids…I want to show you a sample of what the kids will wake and go to bed to… (Giggle) here it is…

 Good morning Sunshine!… Having love for yourself, will allow you to be happy in life   , and loving yourself, will give you the ability to fully love others. You are the happy person you have always wanted to be. 

  The life we are born into does not determine our happiness. If you were born from different parents, or a different parts  of the world, life would be very different. For the worst or better.

Since you know there is nothing different between you and any other child in the world, You now see, everything is possible for you, and it it possible to love yourself fully.

Say the words, in your mind…. I love you…. Let those words echo in your mind, and rise to the morning sun my love, it is even behind the clouds.

To make a contribution towards installing surround sound in orphanages and programing the kid’s brains for an amazing life, send an email to and put “helping kids” in the subject line.

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