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(Fart noise) excuse me I tooted …Welcome to TeTe & Espresso, a CastBox original, I’m TeTe. On today’s espresso shot, let’s be goofy together, so it will allow you to express your happy.

Taha I like you (goofy deep voice) ..People told me growing up, “Don’t worry, you will lose your childlike joy as life goes on.” I always took that as my pride, and said, “No I will not lose that, you will see.” And here I am 34 years young baby babaaaay, feeling just as goofy as when I was a kid, and now it’s better, because I have no competition, and want all of my friends to be goofy with me, so they can just as happy as I want myself to be. Let’s do 2 basic goofy things together right now that you can do today to help you instantly have fun 1) Do it with me after i do it first – yotalayeeeeeee yotalayooooooh doing with with me yotalayeeeeeee yotalayooooooh and of course, everyone’s favorite thing start having fun, number 2, (Fart noise) Do your own kind of fart noise. It will instantly make you feel child like, and joyous. 

I allow myself to be childlike, now. I mix the perfect blend of my adult learnings and my childlike goofiness and joy. You see, that you being happy is a mixture of these several areas in life that bring you joy. And you are ready for the light. You are ready for the joy. WE, when WE are vulnerable and joyous with each other, and allow other people to see the ugly face we make when we reeeeaally go for a character, WE get an even bigger rush of positive feel good chemicals when we are around other people, than when by ourselves. I just right now, thought of a comedian, and how much they must love the rush after they get off stage. That’s it though! A prime example as to why you are ready now to be goofy. My friend, you never need to go onstage. You can be on a walk with someone. Listen to your inner goofy (fart noise) and allow yourself to let it come out…(Fart Noise) 

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