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Happy Halloween!

Are you sure this thing is safe? Ok..I’m going to jump..3, 2, 1…Welcome to TeTe & Espresso, a CastBox original, I’m TeTe. What is your thrill? Take this Espresso shot, and Jump.

I went bungee jumping at the fair one time. I was a man, a strong man, and I walked up to that platform and triple back flipped off hahahahah yeah right…When I walked up to the edge, looking down, and out at the view, the guy started counting down, and when he hit 1, I wanted to bend my knees and jump as far and high out as I could as a testament to my courage..Insteaaad, my legs locked when I semi-squatted down… and since my momentum was already leaning forward, I did this awkward forward roll thing, while clinching every muscle in my body… Now there is no super moral lesson I’m about to tell about courage or whatever lol…I want to tell you that after my feet were on the ground again, I felt a supreme sense of excitement, and thrill as to what I just accomplished, and wanted to go right back up, and have been wanting that ever since…

I am scared shitless, but knowing the excitement I will receive is worth it, because we only live once. Just like bungee jumping, life is not going to let us fail when we achieve excitement. In this modern age, life is so safe, just like the stretchy strong chord that is attached to your feet, and the giant inflatable astro jump pillow below that is your double back up. So do you have friends around you that will be there when you jump, fall, and support your after feelings. Just like I had Norman and Rochelle at the fair, thanks guys. You were my chord and pillow…You have friends just like this. Allow them to encourage you to find whatever excites you in life. Being with animals, painting, philanthropy, sky diving, whatever…Joy is worth it… You can live more in 1 year, than most people can live in their whole lives. 

Let the excitement flow, and leave a comment as to what excites you..

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