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Sing, dance, play, imagine, pretend…Welcome to TeTe & Espresso, a CastBox original, I’m TeTe. Being child-like is not just a saying, it’s the science of the left brain vs right brain. 

It isn’t until about the age of 12 do we, as humans, come into the faster development of the left brain, or analytics brain, or beta brain waves. Up until about the age where humans leave high school, are we fully developing the beta 2 brain waves..Nerd alert !! What I’m saying is, we have been using our left brains now for yyyyyyears! Using it way way way more than we use our right brains. That’s why I opened the introduction with, “Sing, dance, play, imagine, pretend.”…All of the things that you would do when you are being child-like. Why is that important to you? …Because we are only living once, and we know what the “feel good chemicals” that are released in the body, when you are doing certain things…And everything in the intro was one of those certain things..Right Brain.

Let’s just dance in the sun…Welcome the joy…Everyone grab someone…let the rhythm make us one!..Dancing! Listening to music and letting yourself groove, pretending to be a character for a movie, and allowing yourself to do it for 10 seconds. Sometimes it’s works, and sounds good, other times you fail, buuuut it’s still so much fun. Imagine the perfect dream life you could every want, or the location, or the bf or gf..whatevs! If you are enjoying yourself, then you are…in joy…with yourself…thank you the power now for that little take on enjoy… Play baord games, play frisbee, play tag, play aduly party fun games like passing the orange neck to neck thingy game. Whatever you do, play. I believe in you so much. you are safe to laugh and dance, and show me your art creation. It is all safe with me.

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