Great Attitude – Zig Zigler, Ultimate Positivity – TeTe & Espresso Podcast – 075

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Ohhhhh boy, today is a great day to get out there and get em! …… Welcome to TeTe & Espresso, a CastBox original, I’m TeTe. People love being around people with a good attitude. It makes life’s espresso shot taste sweet and good.

I am not at a stop light, I am at a go light. I don’t have a cold, I have a warm…How ya doin? I am doing great, and I am always improving! …I’m pretty sure Zig Zigler’s audio book “Power of Positivity,” I think it was called, was the first audio book I listed to. And I’m glad..It showed me the extreme of what an extreme good attitude could be, and that people actually live amazing lives because of it…People love being around positive happy people because it is intoxicating. Your “feel good chemicals” start to flow, and pass to person to person….You can not have, a “too good of an attitude.” 

I support the positive in me. I am able, and I want to, be that happy person at every opportunity. It is the most fun to be positive, when everyone around me is caught up in the happening in life. I am the light in every darkness. I love bringing myself higher, and people automatically go higher with me.  I am positive, I am positive that I want to be positive. 

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