You have value – I feel your pain, here is my message to you – Monday – TeTe & Espresso Blog 078 – CastBox

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Que vale te tienes..What value you have…Welcome to TeTe & Espresso, a CastBox original, I’m TeTe. I’v been sparked inside hearing of so many being hurt, or hurting themselves, for being different..and that’s why I want to feel, and say to you….

You have sooooooooooooooooooooo much value to me, to the world. If you seriously made a list of 10 traits as to why you are un-valuable, you could scratch off the “un” in front of un-valuable, so it just says ‘Valuable!” ..Please listen to me ..please!..The fact that you are so “different” is why we need you in the world. You are the spice in the food of life. You are my life…You have so much value to me…….You have sooooo much value I could break down a list, maybe I will in the next podcast, of all the things that make you special, that society thinks is not…Well no one is special on Earth, in my opinion, and it’s not about building you “up” to societies value, or “Taking people down a peg or two, to bring them to normal…It’s that the people who own the mountain top, now share their rights with the person in the valley. And that rich man can sit in the poor house, and is welcomed any time. And we are welcomed to take a long walk on his property, as he smiles at us..For who we are..because we all enough…now..whole and complete..right now…you have value. 

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