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Fat, ugly, disproportionate, darker skin, thinning hair, bad family have value….Welcome to TeTe & Espresso, a CastBox original, I’m TeTe. Based on last episode, and that if you take these traits I’m about to list, that society thinks are “un-valuable,” they are exactly the reason you ARE valuable.

Muffin top hanging out of the those jeans, and you have no butt, you give us the confidence to be in our own skin. Your family was verbally abusive to you, you give us strength knowing that you can still be happy after all of that, and so can we. Your sexual identity is not what society calls normal, you give me the strength to beat my drum to it’s own rhythm, because we only live once, and you have it hard in this society. If you are Latino in the United States, you give us a reminder of what makes this country great. If you are depressed and struggling to find any happiness in life, you represent how close we all are to being in the presence of happiness. Because we see from the outside in, and we see how close you actually are to breaking depression, therefor, the same must be true for our own lives… When I see you taking fire for being original, oh Doctor, you give me the heat every day, to live fully. That is value to me. My food to keep going in this freaking world we live in. You sustain me. Thank you so much for being different. You have so much value to all of us.  

You are valuable. I am valuable. We are valuable.

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