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You have value, I have value, we have value…Welcome to TeTe & Espresso, a CastBox original, I’m TeTe. Remember, “Espresso” means affirmations in this Podcast.

You have value, I have value, we have value. What makes you different, makes you valuable. You have value. What makes me original, gives us value. Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes. Our value is unique to us, and shared by the whole. We have value. Yes. I realize, that when I own everything about me, everyone else is empowered around me. Yes. People chirping comments and me for my difference, means that they are longing to express their difference, and they are empowered by me! Those poor things torture themselves because they can not be as free as you! You have so much value to them!..I love who you are!..If we lived closer, we would be best friends, and laugh all day, because you would see how much I accept you fully, and that you can be yourself around me, and alllll of it is ok. You are enough, whole and complete. You have value yes yes yes yes yes….You are so valuable to me.

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