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A friend from Chicago said I should stay consistent, that if I am persistent I’m bound to break resistance…Welcome to TeTe & Espresso, a CastBox original, I’m TeTe. Keep going …Go….

What if you realize you don’t want to pursue your goal anymore? Why is it worth it to stay persistent? What is there to be persistent about now? … Stay persistent about knowing the life you want. The life you envisioned. The life you know will exist. That is the overlaying truth of life. You will find a way. That life we envisioned is soooo sweet, we must have it. Consistent persistence.  

Consistent persistence, I am ready to follow my dream this instant. Consistent persistence, You are ready, break the resistance. Consistent persistence, accept the joy life like Hanukkah or Christmas, and write your wish lists. Consistent persistence, see that vision in your mind, and hold it clear. Don’t care what others think when you stop one path for another. You see, they haven’t seen your mind. Stay consistently persistent and you will still have..your time well spent. I believe in your dreams. They are real.

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