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What are the directions to your success? ok ..Turn left, then another left, go right, then left, then a u turn, then left, then right…Welcome to TeTe & Espresso, a CastBox original, I’m TeTe. You better enjoy the views on your road trip.

Because our favorite definition of success is, “A constant progression towards a worthy ideal.” I freaking love that definition and I love it every time I hear it. It reminds me, to enjoy the proc ess and “views” along the way. There is such a low percentage of people who have a straight line of sight to their destination. Each variable in life adds to another turn along the way. Each time surrendering to a new truth, and figuring out the best way to reach our goal. Each block, each turn, each putting the car in reverse..Enjoy every moment, it is your success story.

I am here. I am in the path of my success. When I take the drone up and look down, I see that I am actually on my own path towards my success and happiness, and I see that I can change my end destination any time I want. I see that truth now. I can enjoy where I am because I won’t be here in a few weeks, or years. The people, the smells, the sounds, the sights, will forever be gone in time, as I stay persistent on the life I want. I am the person I’v always wanted to be. I am there. I am worthy of everything I want. 

Make a list for yourself today, of all the possibilities you would want to explore.

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