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I release you for everything you you can be the person you’ve always wanted to be…Welcome to TeTe & Espresso, a CastBox original, I’m TeTe. Release the past, and you will be able to make strides towards your goals.

You probably have many people in your life, a majority of people in your life, who see you for who you are now, and give you that value every time they see you..In other words, the will not allow you to change, or grow, into the person you want to be. I wish I could be your best friend in your life, because I always see you as that person you want to be. I take the cap off your head and allow you to look up at the beautiful sky, full of your potential and dreams. I pardon you now..For every thing you have done that is holding you back like a weight. 

I pardon you..I forgive you…You are that new exciting person..I pardon you..I forgive you..You are that amazing new person. I pardon you…I forgive you…You are that person you’ve always envisioned. I pardon you..i forgive you… Yuo are whole and complete right now…i pardon you…I forgive you.. There is nothing on your previous heavy mind now..You are free to fly weightless to your dream life…I believe in you…I pardon you…I forgive…You forgive yourself, therefor..It’s easy for me to forgive you…I ….pardon…you…

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