Weird/Funny things we do – Wednesday – 089 – TeTe & Espresso Podcast – A CastBox original

TeTe & Espresso Podcast

Let let let me me me shout shout shout his this this from from from the the the mountain tan tan tan top… Welcome to TeTe & Espresso, a CastBox original, I’m TeTe. You are about to set in stone, what you’ve heard before, which you know is true.

Listen listen listen to to to the the the truth truth truth…Anything you are judging a person for, you are judging yourself for. Anything. It may not be the exact thing you are judging that thing for, it iiiisss related to your inner problem you want to fix though…Yes, when you accept everyone’s decisions and actions, and are at peace by them, wait don’t get it twisted, because you won’t feel that peace for other’s until..come on already know what I’m about to say..Until you are totally at peace with every decision you are making. Oooooh here starts the good journey.

All my focus is on MY inner peace. It It It is is is set set set in in in stone stone stone …I declare…I am at peace with everyone’s decisions because I am working on the peace of my own decisions. When they are ready they have to do the same work I am doing now…When we both do it…That that that is is is what what what is is is called called called heaven heaven heaven on on on Earth Earth Earth.

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