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Have abundance as your constant starting mindset.. and…Welcome to TeTe & Espresso, a CastBox original, I’m TeTe. Le’t get on that round 2  of brain programming!

Abundance. That is my mind-frame now.. When I feel abundant, every problem I have becomes a clear choice. Abundance. You are abundant. You have an abundant source of romantic options, money making opportunities, friends, and an abundant suplly of information in the palm of your hand, to give you exact details on what you want in life. This is practical, logical, abundance. Abundance is more than a woo woo word. There is proof of her all around us.

I am abundant, money. You are abundant, wealth. I am abundant, peace of mind. You are abundant, peace of mind. I am abundant, blow out your stress. You are abundant, blow out your stress. I am abundant, laugh at every chance. You are abundant, laugh at every chance. I am abundant, I help others. You are abundant, you help others. I choose to..Adopt abundance …from now on, as my first thought before feeling, or thinking. Abundance, abundance, abundance.

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