The world is bigger than you – Do you remember 7 Grandpa’s ago – TeTe & Espresso Blog – A CastBox original – 095

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Do you have 1 story form your grandpa’s, grandpa’s, Grandpa’s, Grandpa’s, Grandpa’s, Grandpa? …Welcome to TeTe & Espresso, a CastBox original, I’m TeTe. Does it bother you that no one will remember one story about you 300 years from now? Or care?

It’s not that your family 300 years from now won’t care to look you up, they simply have lives of heir own. And who knows what kind of different “stresses” and situation they will be dealing with. Just like 300 years ago people could not have estimated our over stimulus we current age people deal with. In whatever mental state they are in..You will not be thought all….Does it bother you to feel lost in the space of time? Le’t s give you the one key that will help….

No one will remember my life, therefor..I live now!…No one will remember one story from you, therefor, you live whatever life you choose to live…No one will remember my face. Therefor, I travel the world to where I want to go, I live where I want to, I dance to music when I want to, everything I want, you want now. No one will remember one day in either of our amazing lives. Not even one of these podcasts will be heard in 300 years. It’s ok..Surrender to the truth, I have you r back..and…Go live fully today. It’s the only way to escape the heavy madness of this fact.

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