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Why try to beak the chains when you have the key?…Welcome to TeTe & Espresso, a Castbox original, I’m TeTe. What key? What key do you have to release the ball and chain?

It fits so perfectly in the lock, it never rusts, and will release the chains every time. And the key is dangling around your neck. Doesn’t it sound crazy that you have the key and remained shackled? We all do it..The key is forgiving the past…Trauma creates a shackle on our ankles. No wonder we can not move after a while. We all get traumatized so much growing up. That’s why sometimes I sound like I’m talking to the 6 year old you…Because I am..We must forgive that little man, or little woman. They, and you, were not to blame. Release, and forgive yourself.

Forgive me? Forgive we. Forgive forgive forgive gallantly. Beauty like a lily, tasty like a cheese steak philly, really, forgive the past sincerely, and do it by the minute, day, and yearly…Rub your skin where the shackle was. Doesn’t it feel so nice now that your skin can breath? That is your soul. Being free and light again. So light that you can be assured of getting back up, and starting your journey, the fun part, in going to your ideal destination. I believe in you so much. Get back up.

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