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Sweet home Manhattan…I mean..Sweet home Hawaii..I mean…Welcome to TeTe & Espresso, a CastBox original, I’m TeTe. Today there is nothing woo woo magical happening. It’s step by step logic.

1 year from now you could live in your perfect location. You have the time to save, to plan, to start small cleaning and packing, and giving away cloths and stuff.  Time to hunt, time to scan online for what’s realistic but still fun and exciting. All of it can be done within one year. Sure maybe not saving for a down payment in 1 year, but definitely enough for a first and last month rent, with a security deposit. You can do it. Live anywhere you have wanted to live. The next city over, 10 cities over, next to water, mountains, closer to work..Or your dream, crazy good wild dream location…Knowing that you only live once… 

Wow I am excited visualizing my perfect living area, and it’s more exiting knowing that it is my reality. You can now allow yourself to day dream, to feel good, to smile thinking of your happier new life. Even working now is more fun because you know the aim to your goal.  Yes! It’s here! Whatever fits for your life, right now, you have. You are worthy, you are worthy, you are worthy, you are worthy of living in any city, any style of place, in any design. You are worthy of your happy place.

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