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Mama Universe, can I have a piece of candy pleeeease… Welcome to TeTe & Espresso, a CastBox original, I’m TeTe. Ooooh take this Espresso shot, I just thought of oooh..

Worry free, you were as a child. Oh man, not about food, cloths, a bed, naps, all of it..A child imply knows, everything will be taken care of. And lives, in a way, worry free…Funny how the universe is your parent now.It has laws that are in place to give you everything you want. Have faith in the universe, like you knew you would get a bowl of cereal from Mama.

Mama universe, I want to be in a romantic relationship, “yes dear.” Papa universe, I want to travel to Mexico this year. “yes dear.” Mama universe, I want to find a new book to give me peace of mind. “yes dear.” Papa..I want to feel loved..”Yes dear.” ….Guys, girls..I love you.

Big philanthropy plans to share soon. The dream. 

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